Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tolerance in San Francisco (or Signs of Sanity Surface)

Published in Letters to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Editor -- So a bunch of kids come to San Francisco to "celebrate" the fact that "it is cool to be Christian" and Assemblyman Mark Leno tells them San Francisco doesn't want them in our city celebrating? What is he thinking? With the misery in this world and the constant bad news that kids are in serious trouble, the city doesn't welcome kids who are celebrating their religion?

San Francisco does welcome them, indeed with open arms. Tolerance of diversity has always been our trademark and that diversity does not discriminate in our city!

Would Leno tell St. Francis he is not welcomed?


San Francisco

Angela would know. Her father, Joseph, was Mayor of San Francisco. Angela was, herself, a Supervisor and has run for mayor a couple of times. Her grandparents met because of their familes were dislocated after the 1906 Earthquake (and you don't get much more San Franciscan than that!).

Compared to Angela, Leno is a carpetbagger.