Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Senator Boxer Speaks!

From the website of The Washington Times (

"These port operators are intricately involved in port security," Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, told him. "I think this whole deal is fraught with danger, and I'm going to oppose" it.

Why is it that every time Senator Boxer (the “junior” Senator from California) opens her mouth, she sounds like an idiot?  Is she really that stupid or is she a victim of unfortunate quoting?

Dear Senator:

At this very moment, the Government of the People’s Republic of China controls port operations in the second largest terminal in the world.  In case you are unaware, this Government has nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them against the Republic of China, who was—last time I checked—our ally.  This terminal is in your own state.  And you had nothing to say against the deal.

BTW, citizens of the aforementioned country have died trying to escape, including loading themselves into shipping containers.  Most don’t survive the journey, due to starvation, dehydration, and lack of ventilation.  I also know of at least one instance where a citizen of the aforementioned country swam from his fishing boat and stowed away on another vessel.

Don’t you think this is dangerous?  Aren’t you worried about the PRC smuggling a nuclear weapon in?  Or terrorists?  No?  Then, why not?

Until you can adequately answer those questions, perhaps you should not make any public statements about the Dubai Ports World deal with P&O.  

A Constituent