Saturday, March 25, 2006

March Madness--7th Grade Style

Last night was the first game of the CYO Girls' Basketball season for DD#2's team. She hates basketball because there's too much running and the game moves really fast. However, she needs to be more active physically (there are weight issues in our family) and the coaches really stress fitness. And every year her game improves. So I signed her up. I told her that she only has to play until she graduates and then she never has to pick up a basketball again. But at least she'll have the skills in both basketball and volleyball for pick-up games later in life.

Her coach--who was also her coach for volleyball this year and is just a really terrific guy--came over to Hubs and I.

"The rest of the team is over there," he told DD#2. "Why don't you go stand with them."

She went off and he motioned for Hubs and I to stay.

"I have to tell you this," he said. "Tuesday, DD#2 was having a bad day. We had words, but she took it pretty well and it wasn't anything major. On Thursday, after practice, she came up to me and apologized and admitted that she had been having a bad day. I was really impressed by her maturity."

That was so nice to hear. And its nice to hear that although she hates basketball, she still gives it her all. Well, most of the time, anyway. Once again, she's better at it than she thinks she is.

The game itself was exciting. Our school is not a basketball powerhouse. We have great defense, can steal the ball, but can't shoot worth beans. Fortunately, our first game was against a school that is very similar to ours. (Hubs and I watched much of the preceding game. "Are you sure those are 7th Graders?" Hubs asked. "Yes," I replied. "We're in trouble," he said.) The score was pretty close and the girls kept up the pressure for the entire 60 minutes. And they were very aggressive. I commented to one of the moms during halftime, "Remember when they used stand there and let the other team keep shooting?"

"Remember when they couldn't remember which basket was theirs?" she countered.

That was only four years ago.

Usually they get more aggressive in their playing as the season wears on. I might have to stock up on ice packs.

DD#2 didn't make any baskets, but she did foul twice. In our house, fouls are okay--it means you were near the ball, in the mix of the play.

And they won.