Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sometimes They Surprise Me--P. VII

Because we dropped the truck off for servicing last night, DS#1 had to drive me to the BART station.

"Don't step on my robot or my graduation paper," he warned as I climbed into the front seat.

"Graduation paper?" I looked down on my feet. Yep, there was an official looking form in the footwell of the car--along with some other papers. DS#1's filing system is more disorganized than mine.

"Yeah. Apparently I'm entitled to a ceremony and everything," he replied.

"So when is your application due for Cal Poly?"

"June 1," he replied.

He knew. Which means he has checked it out and is planning--really planning--on moving on to a real University. He's been at the Community College now for four years but has really been a serious student for the last two-and-a-half.

"Yeah, I had to get that working-and-going-to-school thing out of my system," he admitted. And he had to move beyond his group of high school buddies.

He's getting an AA and a certificate in Electronics from the Community College. He hopes to go to Cal Poly next spring--he wants to finish up all his lower division math and physics first. Even if he doesn't get in, this is still progress. DS#1 is smart, but he has trouble focusing, especially if he's bored. He doesn't like to ask for help; he doesn't like to admit he doesn't know or that something is tough. He's also a quick wit, which he's used more than once to get out of trouble or doing what he's supposed to.

I didn't get any details about graduation, other than the fact he has the form to complete. I hope he does--it would be nice to have some proof of accomplishment after four years! :)