Monday, March 06, 2006

How Suburban Can You Get?

This Saturday just past was our parish school Auction. This is a Big Event that raises a significant amount of money for the school and helps keep the tuition at the-arm-and-a-leg level rather than at two-arms-and-a-leg. Hubs was working Security for the event, so I had to drive myself.

The theme was Roman Holiday, so I put on my basic long black dress, draped a piece of red satin across my body and (with DD#1's help) fastened it with a pin, put a make-up, hiked up my skirt and hopped into the minivan and drove myself to the event.

Other than dinner, we only spent $40.00 for a knife set (we were outbid at the Silent Auction) and $10.00 for drinks. During the Live Auction, we were slack-jawed with shock at how much people were bidding for the different items. I didn't even have a chance to think about bidding--the prices started at Wow and went to Are They Crazy??? in about a minute.

We sat with friends whose sons graduated last year with DS#2. Two of the couples still have a child left at the school--like us. One of the couples did win the new truck in the raffle--it was nice to see someone win who could really use it!

DD#1 used the knives last night. They are so sharp, she nearly cut herself. I've got to admit, it's knid of nice having a good set again!