Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thanks for the Prayers

DD#1's oral surgery went really well. She recovered from the anesthetic quickly and had no bad reactions, other than a headache. (Understandable, since surgery was at 1:00 p.m. and she hadn't eaten since midnight!)

They sent us home with a couple of ice packs designed to fit around her jaws, so she looks like the ghost of Jacob Marley. I told her that, too, and she immediately came back with the line, "You will be visited tonight by three ghosts." So her sense of humor is intact. And she felt well enough to eat some yogurt last night.

Her face is puffy, which we were told will last for a couple of days. The bruising hasn't appeared yet, but we did get some great pictures (snicker) that will serve as inspiration for Hallowe'en. We can start cranking her appliance on Monday. Classes start on the 17th and she should be back to her normal self.

Hubs did really well, too. It was a mild and sunny day, so we went to a local restaurant for lunch during the surgery. When we got back, she was in recovery and we got to see her about an hour later.

Thanks to all who offered up a prayer. Surgery is never minor when it's your "baby"!