Thursday, January 12, 2006

Now I Don't Feel So Bad

I zipped over to J.K. Rowling's website this afternoon. She has a new feature: a diary on her "desktop" that she promises to update every couple of days.

On the January 5 entry, she has her "New Year Writing Resolutions."

Her first one is to "muck out" (lovely expression!) her study. I can relate to that, as every flat surface in my home is a horizontal filing cabinet.

Her second is not to lose her notebooks.

Her third is to guard her writing time.

I recognize that one! And I marvel that this woman who has written a series that has become a literary phenonmenon still has to guard her precious writing time. "Do they think the books pop up like mushrooms?" she asks.


I need time, space, and a certain amount of privacy (at the very least, no interruptions!) when I write. Thoughts flit through my brain and if my fingers don't capture them, and quickly, they are gone.

The fact that an extremely successful female writer and mother faces the same challenge reassures me: it isn't just me.