Friday, January 06, 2006

DD#1, Day 2 Post-Op

We're trying to figure out what DD#1 looks like. Her cheeks, alongside her nose, and her upper lip are swollen. She sort of looks like Curious George. DS#2 is threatening to put her picture up on MySpace, but he hasn't figured out how to download the pictures from our very first digital camera. And I haven't been home to help him.

Okay, I wouldn't. But Parental Revenge Fantasies can be fun!

If she's bruised, they haven't come to the surface. She did eat some soup last night--she was tired of fruit-flavored stuff (juice and yogurt) and wanted something salty.

"I guess popcorn is out, huh?" I asked.

"I think so," she replied.

I know she's not feeling good--that was a very mild retort for her.

Monday I start cranking her appliance to spread her palate. She's really looking forward to that experience (NOT!). I can sympathize: when I was 12, I had the same type of appliance. I didn't need the surgery because I was younger, but in my 7th Grade school picture, there's a huge gap between my two front teeth.