Monday, January 30, 2006

One Way to Get a Republican Senator From CA

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this article on Michelle Malkin's blogsite: I WANT CINDY TO RUN.

Cindy Sheehan is considering running against Dianne Feinstein for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. I wish it was Barbara Boxer--Lady Di is almost a moderate and a rational human being compared to Babs. With Cindy and Babs, we would have been treated to see who could shift furthest to the Left without ending up in the Pacific Ocean.

However, Cindy is also going to set up her tent in Crawford during Holy Week, which is only a couple of weeks before the primary. How is that going to work? Is she going to campaign remotely? Is she just going to have the tent there as a visual reminder while she campaigns in California?

How down and dirty will Lady Di get to protect her Seat and her Station? Will she dig up some of Mrs. Sheehan's more outrageous quotes--e.g., the one from the speech at San Francisco State? How much money are Lady Di and her consort willing to spend?

And how will Mrs. Sheehan campaign in the North Counties of the State? The Central Valley? Fairfield--home to Travis AFB? And, coincidentally, close to her home base of Vacaville. Who will be standing by her on the stages and platforms?

Alas, it sounds like Mrs. Sheehan isn't serious about her campaign, for it rests on her one note, and one note only: the U.S. must leave Iraq NOW. Forget about jobs or logging virgin forests or illegal immigration or water rights, all of which affect California profoundly. Mrs. Sheehan's campaign will assist Lady Di--if she doesn't lose her head--in looking more and more like a rational, moderate choice that the rest of the State can support.

Now, if Lady Di gets some very bad advice and decides she has to move Left of Cindy, well, then, all bets are off. If the Republicans can find a candidate who is moderately articulate and can have a rational platform (for California), then maybe s/he could win it. But I haven't seen anyone stepping forward.

This could turn out to be quite an entertaining Senate race!