Friday, October 07, 2005

Cowardly Republicans

Thomas Sowell, in his column today at Townhall, talks about Harriet Miers and possible reasons why President Bush pick a more well-known conservative justice. His observation mirrors mine: it's not the President who lacks the will to fight for his nominees in the Senate; it's the Republicans in the Senate.

President Bush has put forward some brave proposals, especially regarding Social Security, and the RINOS in the Senate, if not actively fighting him, fade away. Several brave members of Congress call for postponing discretionary spending to help offset the money to rebuilt the Gulf Coast and the President joins them. And the Republican leadership claims "there is no pork in the budget."

Haven't any of these men and women read Profiles in Courage? Sometimes doing the right thing calls for risking the wrath of your constituents. Yes, and even your career.

If it happens often enough, you end up with mediocrity. And the opposition has won by default.