Tuesday, August 23, 2005

School Clothes

I am rather lucky in that DD#2 goes to Catholic school and wears a uniform. She’s 12 and is more fashion-conscious than DD#1 was at the same age.

The other reason I’m lucky—and I never thought I’d say this—is because my girls are built big. In fact, DD#1 commented on that their builds would be more suitable for their brothers. No Abercrombie & Fitch for my daughters. Nothing there would fit them. In fact, no Hot Topics, either, although there is a plus-size version of that store (I can’t remember the name right now). J.C. Penney’s has a plus-size “tween” section where DD#2 has bought some dresses for special occasions. And, since she is now my size, my closet has skirts and blouses, none of which reveal midriffs or décolletage.

While I can take some credit, DD#1 has an excellent sense of what styles flatter her body type. We’ve discussed it over the years while we’ve searched. I passed on my mother’s wisdom as well: “The reason why French women always look so well-dressed is because they dress in a classic style.” (Not to mention it’s easier on your budget!)

Rebecca Hagelin has written a column with more stories about the modesty wars and the numbers of parents fighting this battle. She also includes a few ideas on how to present the idea to girls so they will accept that “modesty is beautiful” as well as websites to find clothes that aren’t cut short or tight, so you don’t spend all day at the local mall in vain.

Julie D. over at Happy Catholic had a different sort of problem with school clothes with her older daughter. But the appropriate saints came through!