Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Love It When A Meme Comes Together

I found this article by Dennis Prager persuasive (in part because it echoes how I feel about the Left), especially this portion:
The Marxist worldview is based on a materialist understanding of life. In popular jargon, "materialism" means an excessive love of material things. But philosophically, "materialism" means that the only reality is matter, that there is no reality beyond the material world.
That is why, for example, to most leftists it is a great wrong that amid Latin American poverty, the church would build expensive cathedrals. In their view, all that gold and treasure should be spent on the poor. To a person with Judeo-Christian values, on the other hand, while feeding the hungry is a primary value, there are many other values, including the need to feed the soul. Moreover, the fact that many of the world's poor people would prefer having a cathedral to distributing whatever money selling such edifices would provide has disturbed the Left since Marx. To a materialist, the notion that poor people would place non-material concerns over material ones is absurd, if not perverse.
The recent best seller "What's the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America," by liberal author Thomas Frank, perfectly illustrates this point. The theme of his book is that Americans of a lower economic status who vote Republican do so against their own (economic) interests. When I dialogued with the personable Mr. Frank on my radio show, he seemed incapable of understanding that many millions of Americans consider the Left's attempt to redefine marriage, for example, more important than the alleged economic advantages of voting Democrat.
Until the Democrats understand why the attempt to redefine marriage is more important than economic advantages, they will continue to lose elections, especially national ones.
Mr. Prager makes a few other points as well, such as how the supposedly “materialistic” Right is more likely to make material sacrifices to allow one parent to stay home to care for children than those on the Left.

Good stuff.

(H/T: Townhall.com)