Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Heartwarming Story (for a change)

A friend of mine shared this story about her sister, her B-I-L, and the little boy they adopted.

The Little Boy asked his new mommy if he could wear something special to the courthouse on the day his adoption would become final. New Mommy said, "Of course!" and took him to the local mall. The Little Boy saw a tuxedo store and asked to go in. It was spring time and a small, white tux caught his eye. So New Mommy rented it for him.

On The Big Day, The Little Boy wore his white tux to the courthouse. The baliff, the court reporter, and the judge (all women) were very impressed at how handsome he looked. After New Mommy and New Daddy signed the paper making the adoption official, The Little Boy asked, "Don't I get to sign, too?"

The Judge said, "Of course you do!" and made a special line on the papers just for him. She also let him bang the gavel (which was pretty neat).

New Mommy, New Daddy, and their New Son went out to the boardwalk and rode the rides and walked on the beach all dressed up. They went out to dinner at a restaurant The New Son picked out. The hostess asked what the special occasion was. The New Son looked at his New Mommy who told him that it was okay, he could tell her. So he did.

The hostess sat the New Family at the best table in the restaurant. A bit later, she came over and asked the New Mommy and the New Daddy if she could buy their New Son a virgin daquiri. The New Parents said, "Yes." When it came time to pay the check, the hostess told them that the manager of the restaurant heard about their special day and comped their entire meal. And gave The New Son about $20.00 in tokens to play the video games.

Two big, burly men who had been sitting nearby. They approached the table and kind of stood there, hemming and hawing. The New Parents were a little bit nervous about this. One of the big, burly men finally handed them his business card. They were players on the local arena football team and would be happy to arrange for tickets for the New Family if they should ever want them. The New Parents were overwhelmed.

All this happened in a city on the Left Coast. Which means we haven't entirely lost touch with our hearts out here!