Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Tookie" Williams, Hollywood Libs, and Short Attention Span Theater

I believe the Death Penalty should be abolished. Once we kill someone, they have no chance to repent and ask forgiveness. Sometimes those killed come to be considered "martyrs."

"Tookie" Williams has a lot to repent. He murdered four people. He founded a gang that has terrorized many ghetto neighborhoods and killed many people. He continued these activities behind bars.

He has not repented of the shootings. Indeed, to the very day, he continues to proclaim his innocence despite the evidence against him.

Hollywood Liberals have adopted Mr. Williams as their latest cause. Because he has written a few children's books that attempt to dissuade them from joining gangs, Mr. Williams is "reformed." He is an "asset" to the community. We, in the general population, are better off if Mr. Williams is alive.

If Mr. Williams is fortunate and his sentence commuted to life in prison without possibility of parole, what happens then? His commutation will be celebrated amidst cheers and a flurry of self-congratulatory messages from the Hollywood Liberals.

And then the spotlight will go dark.

Mr. Williams will be moved out of Death Row to--where? The general population? Solitary?

Will he continue to write?

Will his "literature" be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature? Or the Nobel Peace Prize?

Will anyone important care about him once his Death Sentence is commuted?

My guess--and it is only that--is if Mr. Williams' is not executed he will be housed in the high security section of San Quentin. And the Hollywood Liberals, having done what they set out to do, will move on to the next Death Row inmate who "deserves" not to die. The nominations for Nobel Prizes will end. They are not needed.

How will Mr. Williams handle that? Will he continue to write? Will he stop since he has achieved his goal of not being executed? Or will he set himself a new goal--to be released from prison, to receive a pardon?

The Hollywood Liberals don't really care about "Tookie" Williams, the man. They don't care if he repents. They don't really care about the four people who were murdered--people who didn't get a chance to write books, who were just living their ordinary lives. They care about the spotlight. Read the names of some of those involved. When was the last time Mike Farrell got this much publicity? When he was starring in M*A*S*H? And Danny Glover's last successful film was...? Okay, Martin Sheen is in a very popular TV series, playing a president. But even that is ending.

Whether Mr. Williams lives or dies, in the long run it doesn't matter. Soon enough the Hollywood Liberals will move on to the Next Big Issue. Global Warming, Iraq, the Death Penalty. It doesn't matter, as long as their faces are on TV and in the paper. As long as people are Paying Attention.

And in Short Attention Span Theater, that's not nearly long enough.