Thursday, December 29, 2005

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My Blogger Gave to Me...

Merry Christmas to One and All! May you sing with the angels "Gloria in Excelcis Deo", may you kneel in awe with the shepherds, and may you bring use the gifts He has given you to honor and glorify Him always.

Use all the days of the New Year wisely. If I were as organized as Julie D. over at Happy Catholic, I'd have a quote ready about treating each day as the gift it is: every minute of every 24 hours.

May you enjoy your gift of family, no matter how crazy they drive you. When I was a child, I often resented having so many brothers and sisters. As an adult, I am learning why God gave them to me. (Not an easy lesson--God often needs use a "clue-by-four.") As I watch my own brood grow and fight and laugh and tease and share and teach, I see memories being made and bonds formed that are strong and will help them as they grow older. And I wonder: who will they bring into the family, into my life?

Peace be with you all, and always!