Thursday, September 22, 2005

While We're Waiting...

...for Book VII of the Harry Potter series, we can visit the Hogwarts Professor, John Granger. He has some fascinating articles up discussing the series, both his own and others. I especially enjoyed "Why Half-Blood Prince is the Best Harry Potter Novel" and "The Alchemical Keys to the Last Harry Potter Novel." In his "Keys" article, Mr. Granger makes some very persuasive arguments about what is going to happen, based on the first six novels as well as the classic literature that Ms. Rowling seems to use as a model.

Hmmm... Looks like I have to read Emma. And I've been meaning to re-read Pride & Prejudice anyway.

WARNING... Major spoilers.

ANOTHER WARNING: Don't let the word "alchemical" put you off. The novels are discussed from a Christian perspective.

There's also a link to Barnes & Noble University, which is sponsoring a free online seminar about HP&HBP.