Friday, September 09, 2005

Loosiana Hot Links

Lorie Byrd at Polipundit has some predictions from Oak Leaf, one of her “regulars”: “Having just completed twelve days of active duty in support of “Joint Task Force Katrina”, six days on the ground in NOLA and six days in assisting with pre-positioning of Federal assets, I would like to offer the following predictions…”

Read the whole thing. He sounds much more optimistic than other commentators I’ve been reading in the MSM.

The Anchoress is ranting and is, per usual, eloquent :
“WE are, my dear friends, part of the problem. WE contribute to all of this intertwined, incestuous political backscratching, playacting, cronyism and pork-funding, because we’ve put up with it, thinking it all a basically harmless, unfixable nuisance. “It’s just the way things are done,” we said. You want someone to blame? Have a mirror handy?”
Please read the rest. What she says is important and true.

She also has found an incredible slide show, taken by an ordinary citizen of New Orleans (who happens to have extraordinary presence of mind), over the five days of Katrina. Mr. Alvaro is a native of Nicaragua, living and working in New Orleans. His photos capture the reality of the experience better than anything the MSM has shown and illustrate, quite clearly, why no one was talking “evacuation” early on.

While she was at it, The Anchoress also linked to this blog: Slugger O’Toole. Mr. O’Toole has an article up by Newton Emerson from The Irish Times. I found the discussion in the Comments section interesting. Since many of the commentators were from outside the U.S, their expectations of what should have happened--and who was responsible for what--are different. A good snapshot of what The Rest of the World is Thinking.