Friday, September 09, 2005

Bay Area Colleges & Universities Take Displaced Students

From The Contra Costa Times:
"Campuses across the Bay Area are opening up enrollment for students forced to evacuate their respective Gulf Coast schools following Katrina's destruction. Calls are already coming in from students looking for a temporary place to study and officials are doing everything they can to comply.

"Because of the unparalleled circumstances, however, school officials are frantically trying to work out the logistics. Tuition and other costs are likely to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

"'We don't even know what the demand is, we just want to join the nationwide effort to get these students in schools,' said Noel Gallagher, senior media relations representative for UC Berkeley.
'We just really want to help.' "

There are links to the admissions departments and other contact information in the article. The schools include UC Berkeley, Holy Names University, St. Mary's College, Cal State East Bay, and the local Community Colleges. Please pass the information along to those students who are trying to continue their education in Katrina's aftermath.