Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kids As the New Accessory?

First it was Chiuaus, carried everywhere by celebrities, peeking out of oversized purses, dressed in outrageous clothes.

Now it seems to be children.

According to the headlines, Angelina Jolie is thinking about adopting another child, this one from Chad, so that "Zahara won't be the only black face in the family."


That Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt have plenty of money to pay for help around the house is undoubtable. But adding so many new children so quickly? Is that really the best way to build a family? Frankly, I was surprised when I heard Ms. Jolie adopted Pax with Shiloh only being nine months old. Pax has to cope with a lot of changes, going from rags to riches, and I suspect that he will need a lot of attention. Meanwhile, Shiloh is growing and changing, learning to crawl, talk, and also requiring more attention as she explores her environment.

And what about Zahara and Maddox? What do they think about all the attention surrounding their mom and dad and their siblings?

(The stories also seem to emphasize that Ms. Jolie is the one pushing the adoptions and that Mr. Pitt is going along with it. That could be editorial bias and I hope that Mr. Pitt is truly an active, engaged father.)

Britany Spears married Kevin Federline, popped out two kids, and divorced Mr. Federline almost immediately after the birth of child #2. Madonna has reportedly made plans to adopt a child from the Third World as well.

Shades of Joan Crawford and her four kids...

And, speaking of Joan, I wonder how Rosie O'Donnell's children are doing? Parker, the oldest, should be close to the age where parents, no matter how cool, are an embarrassment. I wonder how he feels about his mom and some of her very public pronouncements (and her very public lifestyle)?

Can a case be made that these stars are exploiting their children? As goofy as Tom Cruise is, he does seem to be doing a better job of keeping his kids out of the headlines. I respect that.

Ms. Jolie, please stop adding children and make sure that you are building a close relationship with the ones you have now. Let them grow up. Let them bond. Don't worry about "balance." That's not as important as love and bonding with them now, because they will challenge that love and those bonds down the road.

If you want uncomplicated affection and adoration, get a Golden Retriever.