Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter! Alleluia, Alleluia!

May the joy of the Risen Lord be with you and yours during this wonderful season. 40 days of fasting and penitence is followed by 50 days of celebration. Good lesson about how to live in there, doncha think?

As for the Warren, DD#2 received many compliments about her competence as thurifer. She may have the job for the next four years. I don't know if the sacristan is ever going to get the smell of incense out of her robe, though. DS#1 and DD#2 made it to Church before Mass started and sat in the front with the rest of the family. (Our usual pew is in the back, but I was a lector and I don't like the long walk!)

The weather was spring-like. The Easter Bunny came on cue and left baskets on the dining room table so The Dog wouldn't eat the candy. (Thank God, she's not allergic to chocolate!) We gathered at Mom's for a family dinner where it was pointed out that "the babies" aren't really anymore. The "little boys" aren't little, either, so we may just have to bump everybody up to "the boys" (who can be any male in the family, adult, teen, or child).

I really enjoy these low-key, family-oriented holidays.