Thursday, March 01, 2007

What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

This was the question we were asked at our latest Confirmation Candidate/Sponsor meeting. The candidates were giving up things like MySpace or Internet games or IMing or chocolate. The sponsors were trying to be more patient and understanding, not giving into anger, although some were giving up coffee or alcohol. (Coffee?! Are they nuts?)

In the past I've given up popcorn, chewing gum, chocolate, alcohol. I've promised to read more spiritually uplifting books and pray more. I've tried to be more patient, more understanding, more forgiving of my friends and relatives.

This year, I'm trying something different.

If the Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, then my road is smooth as glass. So this Lent, I'm going to try to follow through on those Good Intentions and not let them languish on my "To Do" list.

I'm not doing really well. But I am trying. My worst fault is that, although I love to write and I love to make greeting cards and stationery, I'm probably the worst at sending them out. Just little notes to let people know I'm thinking of them and wishing them well. But I get caught up in having to do it BIG instead of, you know, just doing it.

So tonight, I'm following through on a couple of good intentions. I'm giving up TV to do it.

Just as soon as I get off the computer. ;)