Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Serious Lack of Me Time

The last several weeks have been rather stressful. There's the situation with my in-laws' health, which is still not resolved. There's the matter of DD#2 and high school. There's the usual end-of-the-school-year rush to get everything done that affects school and Scouts and sports. My department has been devastated by a major flu bug and the only reason I'm not affected is I work 3,000 miles away. Which also means that I'm "It" as far as customer service is concerned.

My quality time with DS#2 and DD#2 is limited to travel time in the car. Quality time with Hubs is even more limited. I'm communicating with DS#1 and DD#2 by e-mail because our schedules are so crazy.

So I feel damn selfish asking for time alone. (Commuting on a crowded BART train or working in my cubicle just doesn't cut it.)

But I've always needed time to daydream, to imagine, to write. A chunk of time, uninterrupted. And if I don't get it, I become really cranky. And then I lash out and everyone's feelings get hurt.

(One reason I look forward to Thursday nights is that it's Boy Scout Troop meeting night. If I can get "rid" of Hubs and the boys, I can count on having some uninterrupted time alone.)

I thought it would become easier as the kids got older. But while they might not need me front-and-center, it seems that their activities require more "behind-the-scenes" adult help. Which means committee meetings. At night. And then weekend activities.

So how do I kindly, compassionately, and lovingly tell my family that I need them to go away and get out my face for a couple of hours every week? Any suggestions?