Sunday, July 23, 2006

We Are Wimps

I confess, we are wimps out here in the Bay Area. The thermometer hit 90 degrees yesterday and there was no breeze (practically unheard of) and we're begging for the fog.

Of course, about four years ago we had a July with about two days of sun and we were all wearing our fleece jackets.

DD#2 was born in the middle of a heat wave like this, which is why I took her little three-day-old self to a Cub Scout barbecue. I figured I would be more comfortable sweating outside instead of sweating at home (I was).

A week later, we were both bundled up and I was hiking around Angel Island. Yeah, same Cub Scout group.

We all know its a matter of time until the fog comes in and cools things down. Meanwhile, there is not a fan to be found in town!