Friday, July 07, 2006

Damn, Damn, Damn

This is the latest about Mr. Caurant, posted by his sister on the CaringBridge website:

THURSDAY, JULY 06, 2006 12:37 AM, CDT

It's late Wednesday night following another day of wonderful support from Pat's extended family. Thank you all.

Pat looks peaceful and all efforts are being made to eliminate any pain he might be experiencing.

My heart is being torn in so many pieces to have to share this news with so many loving and caring friends and family. I wish I could share the news with you all personally, but I know there are many of you out there waiting for an update.

After more neurological tests this evening, it has been determined that Pat has very little functionality left in his brain. He is responding by reflex only and his ability to breathe on his own is minimal.

Pat will leave us in the next few days.

As he is a light of joy in so many of our lives, he will continue to be a light to all even when his physical presence has left us.

We are considering organ donations. There may be an opportunity to donate some of Pat's organs to people in our scholatstic, church, cycling and friendship communities. As we are beginning the several day process of planning for organ donation, please contact me immediately if you know of someone in need.

Please continue to keep Pat in your thoughts and prayers and wish him peace.

With love for a wonderful brother

Even so, Mr. Caurant continues to teach. DD#2 and I discussed his accident last night and the fact the outlook didn't look good.

She was thoughtful. "You know, kids in my class have been hoping that something like this would happen. Now that it has, it's really sad."

I know that she was one of those kids. As I mentioned earlier, she drove him crazy. He was a demanding teacher who held her accountable. But he also cared. I know that she wished she had a different teacher. I also know that as much as she wished he would go away, she didn't mean like this.

DS#2 is away at Scout camp. He's due to come home for his troop's 50-miler next week and I debated about waiting until then to talk to him. I think I'd better let him know now so we can discuss Mr. Caurant once DS#2 comes home.