Friday, July 07, 2006

Never Do This

Mr. Caurant's family has set up a site on CaringBridge to keep everyone informed. Included in the site is a guest book. Reading it is kind of like a real life "It's A Wonderful Life." Mr. C has touched more lives than he has realized.

I made the mistake of reading the Guest Book this morning before leaving for work.

The tributes from the kids got to me--and still do (I'm tearing up as I write this). I know many of them because they are classmates of my children. Some I know only because I know their parents. Almost all of them say the same thing: "You were my favorite teacher." "We complained about the hour long lectures, but we learned a lot." "Even though we were a rambunctious class, you never gave up on us." "We want to see you back at school in September."

They want a miracle and, with the optimism of youth, they expect God to pay attention.

I gave DD#2 the bad news just before I left. I could tell she was shaken. My father died five years ago, my husband's grandmother died the year before that. But they were old. Mr. C is young.

"Do you want to write something?" I asked her.

"I will. Let me think of something."

I hope she does.