Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Baby Is How Old?!!

This absolutely cannot be! DD#2 is officially a teenager. Ever one to split hairs and pick nits (which--shudder--we did, literally, when she was in Kindergarten), she informed me that she was not a teenager until 5:10 p.m. tonight.

Close enough. I was in labor before then. I can't help it if she took her time arriving. Which was a portent of things to come. She has always done things on her own schedule (we call it DD#2 time). Her first sentence was "Me do it!" It wasn't long after that when she expanded it: "Me do it myself!"

Today she is working with one of the Brownie units at Day Camp, leading a hike as a Cadette Aide. The Camp Director will ask her how many years she's celebrated her birthday (12) at Day Camp and the entire group will sing to her. I wish DD#1 and I could be there.

Tonight we'll have lasagne, by special request, cards, and some presents. This weekend is the swimming party at the local pool, followed by a slumber party.

Her birthday makes me feel older than mine did!

For the next ten days, there will be three teenagers in the Warren, then DD#1 turns 20 and we're back to just two. (DS#2 is at Boy Scout camp during this entire time, so it's not so bad! ;)