Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Unique Ministry

From today’s Contra Costa Times:

“The baby's birth was not the joyous occasion it was supposed to be. Shortly after the little boy was born, doctors gave his parents, Jannie and Steve Lovell of Walnut Creek, somber news. Young Quinton had a rare heart defect. He would not -- could not -- survive.

"Every moment the couple spent with their first born became a million times more precious. They had to find a lifetime of love and living in what turned out to be two short days.

"For Karen Henrich, watching her best friend struggle with her joy-turned-to-grief, was torturous. Henrich wanted to be able to do something tangible for her friend. So Henrich, who had been on hand to photograph the birth, stayed to document Quinton's life.”

The article is accompanied by pictures that are warm and beautiful and heartbreaking because you know these children are not long for this world.

Karen Henrich’s ministry is unique and is not one that I would have thought of. Obviously God did.

“Through her studio, Custom Moments Photography, Henrich works with hospitals and hospices to offer a free sitting and photographs of children whose lives will end too soon.

"Henrich has enlisted several friends in the endeavor, which she has called Moment by Moment, a nonprofit foundation that operates through the donations of time, money and materials. Families never are charged for either the sitting or the prints.

"Photographs, Henrich says, are the last thing parents facing that sort of loss think about. But when the child is gone, pictures become more precious than gold.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Henrich doesn’t have a website. But I did find a listing for her photography business. I’m sure donations would be appreciated.

This might be something for other shutterbugs to consider.