Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My "Privates" Are Apolitical

From the website of the Michigan Daily, the newspaper of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor:

Elizabeth Campbell, a University alum and former producer of the monologues, added that while the script is not inherently racist, prejudices against minorities are woven into the monologues.

“When Eve started writing, I don’t think she realized how big (the monologues) would get and that (they) could and would be used to affect such a large range of people,” Campbell said. “But this is more than an ordinary play — it is a political movement.”


“For the white women who want to be involved, if I was in their position I would feel somewhat cheated,” Campbell said. “But I hope that they can understand that the movement is bigger than any individual person and see what is good for the collective movement.”

So now my vagina is a political movement? A collective politcal movement?

Silly me. I thought my vagina was unique. Like me.

(H/T: The Anchoress)