Friday, November 18, 2005

Home Today, Blogging in Sweats

Hubs caught the cold from DD#1 and then generously shared it with me. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the Cal-Stanford Big Game and Hubs and I have tickets, not to mention the salad for the pre-game potluck with my family.

This is a Big Deal in my family. Several members just come for the party and skip the game altogether. We are all rabid Cal fans, with ten Cal alumni in my generation.

I started feeling punk last night and decided to skip my rubber stamp art class. Today, I'm home, sucking on Cold-Eeze with zinc and drinking TheraFlu, Sudafed, and Excedrin. My nose feels like it's in a C-clamp, but my throat isn't as sore.

Hubs has Fridays off, so he drove DD#2 to school and picked her up. He's now doing the warehouse shopping run with DD#1, who knows what we need because she does 80% of the dinnertime cooking.

So I'm upright and sort of dressed. This is progress. And I have lots of time to Think About Things, which is dangerous, of course.

As for tomorrow... Go Bears!