Monday, January 04, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Okay, I didn't exactly wish for all this drama, but God, having a sense of humor, decided to test my equilibrium today.

First, I am now the only woman in my office, recently downsized from five to four. I am the only one who is not a sales rep. Next week the guys will attend sales training Back East and I will be all alone in the office. I would throw a party, but most of the people I'd want to invite have also been laid off!

Then, the President of our division resigned. I've known this gentleman for twenty-five years--he started with the company when I was one of their first customers. While I understand why he and the company (which has undergone a buyout and major restructuring over the last two years) parted ways, he takes with him a lot of historical knowledge and personal contacts with our upper-echelon customers. I like the man named as his replacement: he is young, energetic, and enthusiastic about our product. He's also an excellent liasion between IT and the rest of us: he seems to be able to communicate with both groups.

While the above changes will not affect me directly, the former President was adept at soothing bruised egos and keeping those who micromanage out of the hair of those who don't want to be micromanaged. Unfortunately, one of those pairs is my boss, of whom I am rather fond, and her boss, of whom I am not. The jockeying for position will be painful and I am so glad I am Out Here!

The third thing today is rather amusing. Today was my first day back at Aqua Aerobics since early November, when I began radiation therapy. When I walked into the Y, there was a notice that the jacuzzi was closed but the pool was open--and the temperature was 71 degrees. Now 71 degrees ambient temperature is rather comfortable. 71 degrees water temperature is the equivalent of a polar bear swim. Okay, not quite: the Bay is much colder (around 55 deg). Still, 12 of us, all women, most regulars, followed our fearless leader as we jogged around the pool (with plenty of comments). We were just getting warmed up--literally--when the aquatics director pulled us and the lap swimmers out of the pool. There was at least one inch of water flooding the pool decks because the drains weren't draining. It was the shortest class I had ever attended (about ten minutes). But the hot shower felt good and, hey, I made the effort! I'm hoping the problem with the drain and the heater will be fixed by Wednesday.

Reading around, I noticed that one of Julie D's (Happy Catholic) resolutions is to not buy any more books, except those required for her book club. I wish I had thought of that! (Does asking for books as presents count?) I'm interested to see how she does on this. I have "given up" buying books and/or craft supplies (I'm a rubber stamper--it's amazing how many "toys" there are just for us!) for Lent and that was hard. But an entire year?! Wow!

Fortunately, she has a good public library available, so it's not like she won't have access to books.