Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why Does Phil Angelides Need John Kerry?

No, really, I'm serious. In a state that is strongly Democratic, why did Phil bring John Kerry in to shill for him?

Do you think maybe Phil forgot about John's foot-in-mouth disability?

Do you think Phil has watched much-to-much Cal football (or Raider football) over the years and subconciously wants to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Here's the link to the Blog on Phil's Official Website:

There are pictures of Phil and John, but no video. No transcripts. No mention at all of John's speech to the students at Pasadena Community College. In fact, no identification at all of where these pictures were taken. (To be fair, he doesn't have much information about the pictures with Senator Obama, either.)

The Good Sisters who taught me many years ago used to claim that "silence means assent." Does Phil's silence on John's faux pas mean that Phil actually agrees with what John said?

How far is Pasadena from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA? You know, where at the Defense Language Institute, military personnel and a few other Government-employee types can learn languages that may be useful in protecting National Security. Like French. Or Chinese. Or Arabic. Easy languages like that.

But, surely, John did not mean those fine men and women! He must have meant the grunts on the ground. Or the ones at the guns, like on his Swift Boat.

Well, Phil, why don't you say what you think John meant? Be a pal; help him remove his foot from his mouth. It must be very uncomfortable by now, especially since he seems determined to drive it in deeper...