Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One More Thing to Worry About

Yesterday there was a bomb scare at the community college DS#1 and DD#1 attend. DS#1 found out about it when he arrived early to do some studying for midterms and the police had the campus blocked off.

This morning, Hubs called to let us know the campus is still closed.

Two bomb threats were called in to the local police stations on Sunday and Monday stating that a bomb would be placed on campus during the next three days. The campus has been searched and, fortunately, nothing has been found.

DD#1 is quite nonchalant about it, "Somebody must have had a midterm." DS#1's girlfriend left a breathless message on his voicemail asking him to take care because she "didn't want to be picking up pieces of him." I know he's anxious to get back on campus--he has midterms and labs due, work that can only be done on site.

The target is rather odd. There are many, many other colleges and universities close by where a bomb threat would have a greater impact. This community college is out in the 'burbs. It's not known as a hotbed of radical activity--not like Berkeley, which is about 30 miles down the freeway.

This is the same campus DD#2 attended during "College for Kids," an enrichment program where she built a video game, programmed a computer, and learned some Japanese.

I hope that whoever called in the threat used these two days wisely...