Thursday, October 05, 2006

Karmic Konfluence

Update: I mentioned this to Hubs and DS#2. DS#2 said, "Oh, yeah. Today was 'National Cut Day.'" When I asked what that meant, he shrugged and said, "I guess to protest the war or something."

So for a lot of kids, this was a chance to cut school. I'm glad the weather didn't cooperate.

DS#2's school decided to have a "Shelter In Place" drill instead. He thought it was pretty pointless to hid under their desks. I reminded him that was SOP for earthquakes and probably wasn't a bad idea if someone started shooting. Although I got to admit, at 6', he's not going to be protected much under the desk-chairs they use in high school.


Today is National Bush Derangement Syndrome Day. There is supposed to be a march, starting at noon, from the Ferry Building to Civic Center and back. The protestors plan to camp out at the plaza near the Ferry Building, have a rally in the morning, and leave.

The plaza is made of brick, surrounded by cement steps. It's actually a very pleasant spot to eat lunch on a nice day.

It's raining. Has been all day.

The Blue Angels are in town. They're buzzing The City despite the low ceiling. They're kind of fun to watch as they circle around and through and over the skyscrapers.

They're here because it's Fleet Week. Which means The City will host hundreds, if not thousands, of sailors and Marines.


Life is never dull.