Monday, May 22, 2006

Work--the Break From My Weekend

I hate the month of May. My worlds--work, family, school, Scouts--go nuts trying to cram everything in before the end of the school year, the end of the Scout year, and summer vacations start.

Even the weather is cramming in one last storm!

This weekend was fairly typical of May. A "slumberless" party Friday night with the Girl Scouts. Then the matinee performance of Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby, on Saturday afternoon. (It was the only date our Girl Scout Association could get group tickets.) Then a leader's meeting for the GS Berkeley-Sakai Exchange group.

Sunday was a Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR recertification. Then the Coolbrith Circle Board meeting (one of the few activities that is mine!), followed by the actual meeting for the Berkeley-Sakai Exchange, with the girls.

Tonight is the two-hour finale of 24. I am supposed to be at a meeting for our parish's annual Oktoberfest, but I think I'm going to stay in and fold the laundry that I managed to cram in during the weekend.

Blogging will happen when it will. Meanwhile, I invite you to check out those on my Blogroll who always have something wonderful, profound, witty, silly, or provocative to say!