Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Advantages of Having A Big Sister

The theme of the "Slumberless Party" was Teens on Broadway. The decorations included silver stars, autograph books, and a red carpet for the arriving celebrities. The girls, who were between the ages of 11 and 14, dressed up in their finest outfits and adoring paparazzi (i.e., parents) took their pictures.

DD#2's dilemma was what to wear that was glamourous, sophisticated, and could be pulled together from pieces already at home. Fortunately, she has an older sister!

DD#1 dressed her sister in long black gloves (Junior Prom), a sleek black dress (Women's Chorale), a sheer white fringed scarf (Senior Prom). She pulled DD#2's hair back into a bun, leaving two long tendrils in front, and stuck a couple of chopsticks (2004 Japan Exchange) into her hair for decoration. She then put lipstick, mascara, and maybe a little bit of eyeshadow (but not much) on DD#2.

DD#2 did wear her own shoes.

When I came home, DD#2 was standing at the top of the stairs, twirling around (the dress has a skirt made for swirling).

"Wow! You look good!" I said. And she did, although she still looked like a young teen playing dress-up. I would have worried if she looked 16 or 18 or 21.

DD#1 spent considerable time fixing up DD#2. Considering the difference in their ages, I'm always glad to see a moment of sharing like this. And I'm glad they have each other, even though they don't always appreciate it.

The dress-up part didn't last very long, on any of the girls. Most of them were in their comfy pj's, dancing, singing, munching, and giggling within an hour. Beauty, they discovered, can be very uncomfortable.