Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Musings

I cannot out-do Hubs. No matter how special a gift I get him, no matter how much I spend in effort or in money, he will always be more extravagant than I am. I used to think it was because I did all the bills. I used to think it was because he grew up in a smaller family than I did and they did not watch pennies as my parents did. I used to think it's just his natural exuberance: less is never more.

Now I just try to enjoy it. Like the two dozen roses sitting on my desk.

(Early in our relationship, I told him I would rather get flowers early in the week. That way I could enjoy them where I am for a large chunk of the day, rather than trying to get them home in one piece on public transportation and having them wither slowly in an empty room. So I got my flowers yesterday.)

I was proud that I found the "perfect" gift for him, but I'm embarrassed to admit that it was an accident. DD#2 and I were at the local branch of a department chain store, picking up Valentine cards and candy for her class and gifts for a couple of the teachers, when I realized I should pick up something for Hubs. I found a DVD of Dune, one of his favorite sci-fi classics. It's the extended version, newly remastered, etc., etc. No calories and I get to enjoy it, too. Perfect!

However, this is the penultimate year that I will be buying those classroom packs of Valentines. DS#2 laughed when I asked him if he wanted to buy anything for Valentine's Day.

On my way home last night, I did pick up some treats for the kids. The girls got lollipop "tulips" and the boys got large chocolate kisses. And I did have time, after picking up DS#2 from Youth Ministry and DD#1 from an evening class at college, to make cards for everyone. This is truly one of those occasions where it's the thought that counts. I just want to make sure that everyone knows I still love them!