Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Tinfoil Hat Moment

Is anyone else enjoying the irony that several folks on the left have asked why Haliburton can't take over the port operations from P&O instead of DP World?

[/tinfoil hat on]

The Evil Dick Cheney deliberately shot his friend to distract The Media from the fact that agents from the Government of Dubai were plotting to take over six U.S. ports.

Cheney knew there would be an uproar in Congress and that Congressional Leaders would never let this happen. Haliburton would then be able to ride into town on a white horse and play the part of the Reluctant Hero Who Saves Us From The Bad Guys. And no one would suspect a thing.

Of course, Karl Rove knew about this and so did Bushitler.


[/tinfoil hat off]