Friday, February 10, 2006

Creative Limits

This week I have been spending every spare moment not otherwise devoted to Girl Scout meetings on the program for our parish school Auction. The Auction is a Big Deal--it raises $80K that helps keep tuition out of the stratosphere.

I've done the programs for the last several years. I enjoy it--I get to preview the offerings and I have great creative freedom in picking the clip art, borders, and fonts to match the theme. Plus I practice using MS Publisher, which I don't use very often, so it's a challenge to relearn and discover new ways of presenting the information.

But... I'm finding my brain is kind of on a creativity "break." I'm just not writing as much as I usually do.

Part of that is tied to the lack of time. I'm on a deadline with the Programs, so what time I have, they get. But I've noticed this before, when I'm designing cards and stationery. I have a design, but no clever witticism for the inside. All my concentration and energy is going to the outside of the card; when it's time to write the sentiment on the inside, I draw a blank.

Does this happen to anyone else?