Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie Review: Wedding Crashers

Two best friends crash weddings to meet and bed women. They have all kinds of ruses, situations, and set ups they use to avoid being detected.

It is a credit to the acting skills of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn (as well as the scriptwriters) that these two guys are actually likeable. I mean, it would be so easy to hate them for being shallow, for looking for easy sexual conquests--one night stands with vulnerable women.

But that wouldn't be much of a movie, now would it? So you know what happens next.

One of them falls for the maid of honor at a wedding they've crashed. But not just any wedding. It's the wedding of the oldest daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury, who has Presidential aspirations. And the Secretary of the Treasury is played by Christopher Walken. The maid of honor is the Secretary's next-oldest daughter.

And the baby girl of the family falls for the other one. Problem is, she's crazy.

Then there's mom, played by Jane Seymour (who, at 53, looks terrific!) who tells Owen Wilson's character, "We (the Secretary and herself) were faithful to each other after our wedding vows for about two years."

And Grandma, who is 90 and old-money proper except for her propensity to say exactly what's on her mind.

And the butler, the only sensible person there, who is not shocked by any of it.

And the crazy boyfriend.

And the misunderstood, warped brother.

We laughed.

DS#2 was sitting between DD#1 and me during the opening scenes, which had a lot of nudity, partial and otherwise. He was awfully quiet, which led, of course, to some teasing about whether or not he enjoyed watching this particular part of the movie.

I enjoyed seeing Christopher Walken break out of his menacing psycho persona and play a dad who actually cares about his daughters. Jane Seymour played a sexy woman and delivered some of the best lines. I don't know how she could be classy and crass at the same time. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have great comedic timing and physical comedy skills without going over the top like Jim Carey often does.

And, gee whiz, by the end of the movie they've both grown up.

On the March Hare scale: 3 out of 5 Golden Tickets. It was a good Saturday night at home popcorn movie. Definitely not appropriate for younger children because of casual sex and language.