Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good Morning!

For years I've maintained I am not a morning person, preferring, instead to snuggle under the covers until well past time more industrious people were up.

What I've discovered is: that's not quite true.

If I rise when I first wake up, I have about a two or three hour window when I can get a lot done. My brain is not fully engaged with the world and is still linked to my subconscious. I am tremendously creative. Or, as I do most work day mornings, I can operate on auto-pilot and get a lot of chores done, chores that will bore me beyond belief the rest of the day. The problem on weekends is I have to choose one or the other.

Today I'm choosing to write, although I have put a load of towels in the wash.

I'm not sure how to increase my afternoon efficiency. Sometimes I have no choice--some things just have to be done, such as answering the phone at work. Other times I drift, unsure of what to do next on my never-ending list of things to do. Afternoon naps, although I enjoy them tremendously, don't seem to produce the same results as waking up from the night's sleep, even if that sleep has not been the most restoring.

Perhaps the Brits have the right idea with tea at four o'clock. Sis#2 has a tradition when traveling with her family that she calls "four o'clock ice cream." It's a break in the day when you sit and restore your blood sugar. I've tried that when camping with my Girl Scout troop, although we usually don't have ice cream. But I bring granola bars or grapes--some type of healthy snack.

But tea... I'll have to remember to try that today and see if it helps. I have a lot of stuff to try to get done today. Hubs and DS#2 are returning from a week at Boy Scout camp, so the chaos and confusion will increase. I'd like to have a jump start on some of it!