Friday, May 25, 2007

From Candidate to Confirmandi

Last night, DS#2 and 61 high school teens were confirmed. Bishop Vigneron presided. Father P. warned the candidates that the Bishop was a teacher and so liked to ask questions.

He did.

And DS#1 was sitting in the first row on the center aisle.

DS#1 looked quite handsome in his black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Except he forgot to shave. A relatively minor detail, but somehow very typical of DS#2.

Of course, the Bishop picked him. And proceeded to ask DS#2 a question about CPR, of all things.

DS#2 is working on his Eagle Rank. First Aid is a required Merit Badge. In the Church were several members of his troop as well as several Scouts from other troops. We were all listening. His public speaking experience served him well. While his ears and neck were bright red, he didn't stutter or stumble. He was confused by the promptings offered by his sponsor, my Sis#2, so he wasn't quite as coherent as he could have been. He also took a bit to realize the parallel the Bishop was trying to make about breath being necessary for life and the Holy Spirit. But he finally got it and the homily continued. Not too shabby for someone who had real trouble articulating his thoughts in grammar school!

His teachers were very proud of him and his efforts. As were Hubs and I. And DS#2 bore the teasing well.

The rest of the Mass and the ceremony went smoothly. There was a bit of confusion at the altar during Communion as we weren't quite sure who was going where. A Deacon from another parish was acting as Master of Ceremonies and he did a good job of making sure the altar servers (which included DD#2) were in the right place at the right time with the right items. However, he almost didn't get to receive the Precious Blood and had to tap me on the shoulder before I left the altar for my station.

Afterwards, the YLI hosted a cookies and punch reception in the parish hall.

So DS#2 has a new middle name: Francis, for Francis of Assisi, because he was kind to animals. DS#2 has always had a special affinity for animals and hopes to become a veterinarian. I hope he learns other lessons from Francis as well.