Monday, May 21, 2007

The End of Confirmation Class; the Beginning of...?

This Thursday, DS#2 and about 64 other young men and women are completing their Rites of Initiation by being confirmed. They have learned about the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. They have discussed how the Spirit enters their lives. They have walked through the Rite with their sponsors and they have received clear instruction on Appropriate Attire.

This particular Confirmation has turned into a family affair. Sis#2 is DS#2's sponsor. I'm one of the sponsors for a young girl whose brothers are in our Boy Scout troop. DD#2 is an altar server. I'm an Eucharistic Minister (although it depends how many priests and deacons show up with the Bishop).

And the Bishop is coming himself, rather than delegating this task to a priest in the diocese.

One of the things Father P. stressed to the class is that Confirmation is not an ending--it's a beginning. Their attendance at Mass is still required. Their help in the different ministries of the parish is still needed. They still need to study and learn about their faith.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church does not do well with older teens and young adults. Many drop away. Some find their way back, often when they have children of their own (and a little child shall lead them...). Some search their entire lives and never quite realize what it is they are missing.

Please pray for these candidates, their sponsors, their families. And for those who have been confirmed but have lost their way. The Gifts of the Spirit are many, but sometimes difficult to recognize.