Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yet Another Clue-by-Four

DS#2 has to read The Three Musketeers for his Freshman English class. To help him, I went to the local public library to check out the book on cassette or on CD, so he could listen along while he reads. I made the mistake of cruising by the New Books section.

There, in a red cover, was the book A Year with John Paul II: Daily Meditations from His Writings and Prayers, edited by Father Jerome Vereb.

I tell ya, I just can't get away from this guy.

I resisted. I have Mere Christianity waiting for me at home, along with Memoirs of a Geisha and a book about King Arthur. I have Genpei that I received at Christmas, which was highly recommended by Karen Anderson (Poul Anderson's widow and a well-educated, articulate woman whose recommendations I take seriously). I have my daily Scripture readings, based on the Liturgy. I do not need another book to read. Especially one that has 365 daily readings that I can check out for only three weeks.

(Is Julie D. laughing yet?)

The book is on my nightstand. I'm reading the meditation for the day, as well as one from the beginning of the year. I will probably end up buying this book, too.

I will confess that I am not very good at reading and then meditating on and praying over the reading. I tend to read it and move on. I'm trying to move at a deliberate pace, not read ahead, but it's difficult. I am a woman of strong enthusiasms and while I might not quite rush in where angels fear to tread, I will rush headlong, pall mall (or is it pell mell?) into a project until I run out of breath or energy or run into a wall. This is a book, much like the Bible, where I will have a new and different understanding each time I re-read it.

John Paul II can be so habit forming. Who knew?

(Okay--you can put your hands down now. I admit I was clueless!)