Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's on My Nightstand?

Julie D. at Happy Catholic sent me this meme. (My first one! I'm so excited!) It's kind of embarassing, actually. Flat surfaces in my house tend to become horizontal filing cabinets. Keep in mind that my nightstand is only 2' x 1.5'.

As of yesterday, the top of my nightstand held:

  • a lamp
  • a phone that is a clock with an alarm
  • an AOL CD that had been made into a coaster
  • a "Camp Build-A-Bear" baseball camp for my stuffed rabbit
  • a banana peel (care of DD#2)
  • a flattened box of Kleenex
  • a plastic box of migraine meds
  • assorted letters & cards
  • a plastic glitter bracelet (DD#2)
  • a plastic whistle (DD#2)
  • a Christmas-themed fingertip towel
  • the handset to a broken phone
  • a pocket pack of Kleenex
  • a toothbrush
  • a Bookmark
  • a Brownie Try-It (from DD#1's era, I think!)
  • a film negative from DS#1's trip to Japan
  • a pair of boy's briefs that are too small for any of the boys in my house
  • two copies of Paper Pizazz (scrapbooking paper)--Teen Years & Jewel Tones
  • a blank VHS tape
  • books--
    • Coyote Rising (my current bedtime read)
    • Catholic Student Bible (DD#1's copy from grammar school)
    • The Princes of Ireland (a previous read)
    • Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine--July 2004
    • Mr. Blue
    • Miryam of Judah--Witness in Truth & Tradition
    • Joy Breaks
    • Jo's Boys (adapted version--also belongs to DD#2)
And, at the very bottom, the crocheted doily that's supposed to be there to protect the top of my nightstand. Oh, and some crumpled Kleenex and other assorted bits of trash.

Needless to say, my nightstand holds considerably less now!

I think I'd like to pass this on to The Anchoress, the guys at Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred, and Barbara at The Church of the Masses. I hope they're not too busy to play!