Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Valerie Who? And the SCOTUS Nominee

Okay. I'm done. I have read so much by so many about the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson/Karl Rove kerfluffle, I can no longer remember what I read where. The Comments section of all the blogs have been most enlightening and discouraging. While I understand the frustration of having to re-state your discussion points for the hundredth time (I am a mom, after all), I am dismayed when I start to see the level of discussion begin to sink.

Now that President Bush has nominated Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, the MSM has fresh meat to go after. Interestingly, on the San Francisco Chronicle's website, the lead article admits that Judge Roberts has a brilliant legal mind. And the fact that he has "sterling legal credentials," according to the article. That won't stop the MSM and the rest from trying, I suppose. Judge Roberts is also a Catholic (wonder if he was an altar boy, too?), so expect attacks on his position on abortion, end-of-life issues, and embryonic and therapeutic cloning stem cell research. Oh, and, of course, gay marriage.

The Anchoress also has a few comments and links to other articles. (I thought she was going on retreat? :) Michelle Malkin has, as usual, a detailed roundup of links and reactions. Captain's Quarters has an interesting take on the reaction of the MSM: Stunned and Cautious. (Looks like the MSM/LLL misunderestimated the Prez yet again!)