Friday, August 24, 2007

While I Was Gone...

One of the advantages to being on vacation in a foreign country is that you can't understand the news--or much of it. The other is that they are concerned with local politics and, other than the actual President of the United States, don't spend much time with the rest. So I didn't see or hear much about Hillary, Obama, Mitt, Rudy, John, Mike, Fred, and Dennis.

Besides, there was a major election going on--the party of the current Prime Minister was struggling to retain their power in the Diet.

They did cover the trapped miners and the collapsed bridge in Minnesota.

Brings a new perspective to what is truly important.

I find myself reluctant to rejoin the fray. I haven't read many of the political blogs or websites that I used to. I don't know whose ahead in the polls or what President Bush's approval rating is or what the current body count is for American soldiers in Iraq. I know I can find out. If I want to. If I need to.

The only thing I really wanted to know about when I got home is if Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's home run record. Only because it's a very local story to me.

Speaking of baseball, one of the best gifts I brought to Japan were copies of pictures I took of some American League players during the All-Star Parade for one of the leaders who is a real baseball fan. And the All-Star shirt that included Ichiro and Alex Rodriguez.

Sometimes the simplest things bring the most pleasure.