Friday, February 16, 2007

If I Only Had a Brain...

Sorry for the lack of posting. Real life caught up with me. Again. But now I think I have the solution: a spare brain! It's small, portable, and I can send it off on adventures without me. Or I can use it as an excuse: "I'm sorry, I left my brain at home today."

It's somewhat bigger than a stegosaurus brain, but it does fit comfortably in my fist. I even got a spare one for DD#2. (She was upset because I brought home gifts for the boys. A copy of Chemical & Engineering News for DS#1, who is currently taking chemistry and is hoping to get into an engineering program, and a mouse pad that had the "Periodic Table of Amino Acids" for DS#2, who is just being introduced to organic chemistry. (snicker, snicker) He also liked the mousepad that used the different abbreviations for the elements to spell out a message.

I know, I know--sounds like wild times at the Warren. Well, we do our best!

Postscript: A bit of clarification might be in order. There was a trade show in town, specifically for organic chemical manufacturers and associated industries (like people who make big, shiny centrifuges--see CSI). Many of our customers were exhibitors at the trade show. The show brought back memories of college--once again I was surrounded by symbols that I recognized but didn't understand.