Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Dark Side of Gavin Newsom

Headline on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle: Newsom to Seek Help for Alcohol Abuse/In Wake of Scandal.

Gee, all he has to do now is declare that he is gay and his re-election is almost assured.

/snark off

Newsom had an affair with the wife of an aide who was also a personal friend. This came after reports that Newsom showed up drunk at San Francisco General Hospital after a police officer was shot. As many pointed out, Newsom was damned either way: damned for showing up drunk or damned for not showing up at all. And it's not like alcohol and politics are strangers. Nor is it unusual for a mayor to have a few when on his own time. (Although, like the President, a mayor is really never "off the clock.")

Unlike Pelosi, Feinstein, or Boxer, Newsom did not grow up rich. He worked hard and made some influential friends along the way. I wonder if he feels that somehow he doesn't belong or doesn't deserve his successes. I'm wondering if the idea of power got to him.

I will probably never know. Gavin Newsom knows what his demons are and he's going to have to confront and overcome them on his own.

At least, I hope he will. I hope this "alcohol abuse" is not a ruse to escape personal responsibility.

Meanwhile, I'll pray for him