Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Working From Home Isn't Always Such a Good Idea

I had a MUGA test this morning followed by a Herceptin treatment, so I was going to be a good girl and work from home this afternoon.

That was before DD#2 woke up sick this morning.  Actually, she's been in her room, working on a project for the "Me & My Guy" Sweetheart Ball that our Girl Scout Association/Service Unit is holding this weekend.  Still, I needed to help her find the pieces of the project, which meant I had to remember which pieces were in which tote bag.  Fortunately, the bags are underneath the horizontal filing cabinet (also known as the dining room table).

DS#2 just came in.  He and a friend were going to practice driving a stickshift, using the truck.  However, the key is now stuck in the ignition.  He asked if I knew where the WD-40 was.  To our mutual surprise, we had some and it was where I suspected it would be.

I am currently sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, listening to classical music.  My keyboard for my Tablet PC is on my lap, with the monitor/CPU carefully balanced on brackets on the keyboard.  Two of the cats are helping me by laying across my arms while I try to type.  One of them is nuzzling the crook of my elbow and kneading it, trying to nurse.  Yet, it could be worse:  one of the cats like sit on the back of the couch and chew my hair.  Although my hair is growing in fairly quickly and thickly, I still would prefer it to remain on my head.

Well--I did check my voicemail and most of my e-mail messages.  I flagged the issues to deal with tomorrow, when I'm in my own cat-and-child-free office.