Saturday, June 14, 2008

May Is Over; Summer Has Arrived!

I hate the month of May. It's the month when everyone is trying to "finish up" before the end of the school year. This year we survived two Junior Proms, one SAT test (the same day as one of the Proms), a Girl Scout bridging and Silver Award ceremony, a family gathering/reunion/mini-break, an AP Biology test, Back-to-School night, two major term papers, a plagiarism crisis, Boy Scout Camporee, a Girl Scout Leader-Daughter breakfast, the husband of a good friend rushed into by-pass surgery, and a good friend of DS#2 who is in the hospital with an allergic reaction to his cancer meds.

Last week was finals. And the week before was when the rest of the projects were due. DD#2 told us she owes $109.00 because of damage to one of her textbooks. And the weather has been beautiful--shirtsleeve warm during the day, cool enough at night to sleep.

The "marine layer"--aka fog--rolled in on Friday, which was the last day of school. That's the way it usually works around here: beautiful weather the last two weeks of school, followed by ten or twelve weeks of fog, and then several more weeks of great weather in September and October. It wouldn't be a traditional Independence Day without barbecuing with ski jackets on.

Next year, DS#2 will be a Senior. DD#2 will be confirmed. DD#1 will be transferring to a four-year University.

Hubs and I may just go to Disneyland. :)